Increase Profitability 

Improve bar staff training, development, and management while saving multiple hours on inventory every week.

We developed a patented SmartScale Technology that sits invisibly under your liquor bottles and monitors every move.

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What can BarLinq do for you?

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Dedicated Account Reps 

Every customer has a dedicated BarLinq expert working with you to identify areas of improvement & profitability. 

Our team is comprised of skilled data scientists and experienced bar staff who've seen it all and drive results. 

Daily Reporting

BarLinq sends daily emails providing your previous day's pour cost.  This is a quick insight into your bar's health and is a metric used to drive decision making.  If you're happy with 22%, you're done for the day.  If 35% is too high, it's time to call your manager at that location from the day before to get answers.

Weekly Meetings

BarLinq is like an assistant manager working 24 / 7, 365 days a year at a fraction of the cost.  Initially, we have weekly meetings with stakeholders to review data and provide insights as to trends that are identified which cost your bar money.   BarLinq provides all the info, but it's up to you to drive change.

Common Areas of Inefficiency

BarLinq is able to identify issues not easily uncovered by bar managers

Inconsistent Pouring

Each of your cocktails should be made a certain way to guarantee a certain taste.  If taste varies depending on which bartender pours, customers may be less inclined to buy more of that drink.

Over pouring not only increases your liquor costs, but it also decreases your sales.   Customers who receive “heavier” pours buy fewer drinks than those who receive the correct recipe.  

Recipe Confusion

Mistakes happen - how often they happen will determine how your bottom line looks.  Mistaking one cocktail ingredient repeatedly leads to lost revenue.  

Identify when higher end liquors are poured instead of well liquor.  Take immediate action so these mistakes do not become a long term, larger financial issue. 

Employee Theft 

The National Restaurant reports 75% of inventory shortages are the result of employee theft.  This includes pocketing cash, drink payments, freebies, after-hours drinking, and not charging customers. 

Buybacks should be rung in so management can set a buyback policy. We help your team create a culture where every pour has an accompanying ring, so extra pours are identified right away.

What do customers say?

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“We run a really high volume bar and had a bunch of issues with workflow. Once installing the BarLinq Solution, we began seeing immediately results. Within the first month we saved $10,000... yes, 10,000 DOLLARS! We were shocked to see what was happening and that BarLinq was able to pinpoint these issues and provide solutions to improve our operations. Our bartenders started making more money also, so needless to say, everyone was happy when we started working with BarLinq.”

Owner, South Beach Bar & Grill - Vivian R

South Beach Bar and Grill

“If I were to look at where I was last year and compare that today, I’m saving 13 hours per month and have increased my bars revenue by 8% on all liquor sales. BarLinq helped me understand what my actual costs are today, allows me to identify my desired pour cost, and then reverse engineers what needs to be done in order to achieve that number. There is literally nothing like BarLinq, and every business that sells cocktails and mixed drinks isn’t going to be successful without this technology in the future.”

Owner, Copper Tank - Peter H

Copper Tank

"BarLinq lets us weed out our problems as they happen rather than spending weeks to discover and then address them. The before and after in our bar has been pretty remarkable, about a $42,000 difference year over year, and most importantly, tons of my time and me and my partners piece of mind.

Happy to endorse BarLinq to anyone."

Manager, Mickey's - Mike D


“We didn’t have a great understanding of our pour cost until BarLinq came in and monitored our staff… the results were insane. We were up around 40%! BarLinq was able to quickly identify why this was happening and made suggestions on how to improve. The 15% additional revenue per week is capital we are planning to use for bar upgrades and renovations."

Owner, Etsy Street - Joachim C

Etsy Street

Data to Provide Peace of Mind

Our team and technology allow you stay up on all your operations and costs from the comfort of your own home or across the world.  BarLinq's SmartScale Technology is like having an
assistant manager on hand 24/7, watching every ring and pour so you don't have to

Daily reports show you every pour, POS ring, drink cost and your daily liquor variance so
you can take immediate action and stop the loss before it becomes a big problem.

Partner with real-time data

"Every bar needs their BarLinq."

"BarLinq experts identify habits that are costing your business tens of thousands of dollars per year, per habit!  If it worked for me, it will work for you."

Stephen Carty, Owner - Spillane Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Will BarLinq restrict the amount of liquor I can pour?

No. BarLinq is a free pour system that allows you to pour as much as you’d like using standard pour spouts. Customers will not know that their drinks are being monitored.

Will my bartenders have to change the way they work using BarLinq?

No. BarLinq provides no interruption to your daily workflow. All bottles sit on a smart shelf that simply measures the bottle when it comes up and when it comes down. Bartenders serve as normal.

Is there a limit to the amount of liquor bottles you can monitor?

No. BarLinq fully customizes all of your scales to fit onto your shelves. However, many bottles can fit on one BarLinq shelf.

Will the BarLinq system work with any brand or liquor type?

Yes. The BarLinq database features hundreds of different brands. Any new alcohol types can be added instantly.

I have different size shelves in different areas of the bar, is that a problem?

No. Every BarLinq scale is fully customized to the length of each shelf and wells of your bar.  We can fit around 15 bottles per scale. 

Will BarLinq be able to track cocktails?

Yes. We upload your cocktail recipes to our site. If a “Manhattan” is entered and you pour it with Woodford Reserve, BarLinq will know that the ring is for Woodford.

Do bartenders need to return bottles to the same spot?

Part of that efficiency is giving every bottle a “home.” For accurate results at the top level every bottle must return home at the end of the night. To get accurate pour-by-pour results, the bottle must be put back after every pour. 

Do the scales get dirty?

The scales should be cleaned regularly but cleaning is as easy as wiping them dry with a rag.

How long do I have to wait to view my liquor data?

BarLinq’s pour data syncs with your POS data overnight making the best time to view your data the following morning.

What if the location of two bottles gets switched during the night?

BarLinq can track bottles that are switched throughout the night but checking to make sure everything returns to its proper home should be done every night before closing.

What if I want to add a new bottle to my bar?

BarLinq’s app allows you to easily adjust the layout of your bar or add new bottles in seconds.

What if a bartender tries to replace a bottle with water to circumvent the system?

Liquor and water have different weights. If this happens BarLinq will catch it.


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